A Cancer Survivor and an International Student


I am an ovarian cancer survivor and an international student who just got an offer from a university in Netherlands. Sorry, I don't speak or write in Dutch. It is very difficult to find resource online with my situation. I am very happy to find this website. 

It has been almost two years since my surgery and chemotherapy. I feel my health condition is stable in these two years. That's why I am considering study abroad. I hope to gain more information about the medical insurance in Netherlands, before I accept the program in that university. The insurance company I am considering is https://www.aonstudentinsurance.com . Health insurance and finance are my first concerns when studying abroad. And as a cancer survivor, I am eager to find my community in Netherlands. 

My questions are related to insurance, when I am seeing a doctor in Netherlands.

  1. I am doing examinations every three month now. Do the doctors in Netherlands ask cancer survivors to do body examinations regularly? 
  2. If the doctor ask me to do an examination, will that be covered in the insurance?
  3. Will the test be done in a hospital or in a company? If it is in a company, will it be covered in the insurance?
  4. If I need a treatment, will I be able to stay in Netherlands? Or I have to go back to my home country? If I get treatment in Netherlands, will it be covered in the insurance? 

Looking forward to your reply! Thank you very much!



Very good that you inform yourself well in advance. 

How you should insure yourself for care as a foreign student depends on a number of things. For example, which country you come from. And whether you only come to study or also go to work. Some students from abroad can use there health insurance from their own country. But sometimes you have to take out insurance in the Netherlands.

You can check all information on the website of Nuffic. The website is financed by the government and therefore independent of insurers: Healthcare insurance | Study in NL

Have a nice day (and sorry for any language errors)


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Thank you Christine! I just saw your message. I will look at the website. Bedankt!

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