Regressive skin skin cancer ..

Hi, i had a lesion a few years ago, not biopsied but it regressed, looked like amelanotic have weight loss, bone pain on pelvis, muscle twitches, muscle wasting...My gp wont refer me for proper testing as no one can see anything except a pink lymphnodes in groin feel matted and blue veins have developed, im increasingly weak, ldh is rising, but not over the limit, no one will help me find out if i have metastic skin cancer...what can i do, pls dont say go back to gp as they all refuse to refer as chance is too small, and say they are wortied about their reputation..(yes, this was really told to me) yet i have no diagnosis, this has been ongoing for 1 year now....what can i do? I have aot of pain around the pelvic bones and muscles which is getting worse, a lump on the bone i think there someone there that could examine  my lymph nodes with ultrasound and do you have confocal microscopy?


Dear emarie,

You are concerned that you have an amelanotic melanoma.

If you have physical complaints that get worse, we advise you to discuss them again with your gp.

It is not possible to get a diagnosis via this online platform.

With kind regards,

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