Do you experience the same: doctors, nurses, friends wishing you strength? I was thinking a lot about what that should really mean. In the moment I figured out for myself some things I really need strength for.

-You need strength to accept you are going to lose a person you love. Accept that you have to carry on missing a big important part. Your daddy not protecting you anymore.

-You need strength to see the degrade of the loved person. How every day it gets a little more difficult.

-You need strength in seeing the other people who love him suffer, being sad and hopeless.

-You need strength to accept that your power is limited. Accept to get angry, extremely sensitive, emotional, sad and sometimes even happy too.

-Need strength in saying there is a point you cannot help anymore.

-You need strength to understand you have to respect your limits. If you cross the borders of the possible, you harm yourself. 

-You need power and strength to take at a certain point the decision that unless your loved one is sick- you still have a healthy body and mind. You need strength to keep responsible for your own.

-You need power to say goodbye for some days knowing that this is a life-risking message for the sick one. 

-You need power to accept that if you leave the room and come back your loved one might not recognize you anymore.

-Need strength not to lose hope.

-Need strength to convince me that this makes sense and one day you will understand.

-Need strength to accept there is no guilt. 


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Dear Franziska, you problably have got the strength you need.... Otherwise i think you could not act the way you do and write this way.... You are very strong; as strong as you need to bee. 

It is understandable if you sometimes think and doubt about your self. Everything on your path is very difficult. But if you are you, you are doing well. I wish you keeping the strength you need! And the beautiful moments with your dearest dad as possible.

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